Datavant Launches Record Request Automation for Healthcare Organizations to Streamline Health Plan Requests

Publish Date
May 15, 2024

NEW YORK, NY, May 14, 2024 – Datavant, the leading health data logistics company, announced that it will launch a new record request automation solution for healthcare organizations to efficiently navigate high volumes of medical record requests received from health plans. The solution is designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations who struggle to comply with these requests, ensure records are shared consistent with their own policies, and retain visibility into the flow and content of information being shared.

In 2023, Datavant processed more than 60 million record requests across its network comprised of over 65% of the top 200 US health systems, including over 15 million health plan requests. Over the last couple of years, Datavant has successfully digitized these health plan requests at hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinics. Today, across Datavant’s network, the majority of health plan requests are processed digitally, resulting in hundreds of thousands fewer faxes and phone calls for Datavant’s customers.

"Since implementing Datavant’s solution, we have become more efficient as an organization and maintain a detailed understanding of which information is being shared with the health insurance organizations who made the request,” stated Dana Golden, Coding Compliance Manager, Eye Associates of New Mexico. "That’s why I love this tool today because I can see all requests and sort by due date, without relying on any of our other clinics to forward their requests to me from their locations. What used to take 2-3 weeks now gets done in 1 day with Request Manager."

Record request automation enables healthcare organizations to put Datavant’s digital connectors in place so that incoming requests from health plans can be pulled automatically, feed into Datavant’s robust quality control processes, and be delivered compliantly. Requests can be monitored through a workflow tool at the healthcare organization itself, which allows for a review of what has been shared, and the ability to handle any exceptions that require human intervention. Record request automation is designed to bring healthcare organizations significant efficiency gains, enhance security, reduce seasonal staffing needs, and allow for the reallocation of resources for increased focus on patient care.

“Datavant understands the inefficiencies and costs that both healthcare organizations and health plans face when leveraging traditional fax processes and call center staffing models to retrieve records,” said Pete McCabe, Chief Executive Officer of Datavant. “Record request automation minimizes abrasion and costs for both parties, while prioritizing visibility and compliance. This supports a trusted exchange of patient data which is critical to shaping a patient-focused, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare ecosystem.”

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