Government solutions for compliant data connectivity

Create longitudinal views of patient populations and make evidence-backed decisions by connecting disparate health data sources.
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Products and solutions

Improve research programs and policy decisions with connected data

Leverage Datavant’s network of networks, privacy experts, and data linkage technologies to generate deeper insights for evidence-based health decisions.
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Datavant Connect

Improve government research programs with real-world data

Use Datavant’s privacy-preserving record linkage technology to connect de-identified datasets at the individual level while protecting patient privacy.
Fill information gaps with linkable real-world data to develop longitudinal views of patients and populations
Build a linkable data infrastructure to power inter-organizational data sharing and collaboration
Tokenize clinical trial data to improve recruitment, generate stronger evidence on safety and efficacy, and improve long-term follow-up
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Health Data Retrieval

Compliantly access electronic health records

Leverage the largest EHR release of information infrastructure in the United States for medical payment and verification services.
Automate the request and retrieval of EHR records for continuity of patient care
Streamline management of medical records to expedite claim resolutions
Increase coverage and decrease turnaround times for disability payment processing
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Privacy Hub

Maximize data utility and minimize privacy risks

Leverage Datavant’s team of data science experts to assess disclosure risk and comply with privacy regulations.
Share combined datasets while addressing HIPAA compliance
Optimize data utility with expert determination reports customized to research objectives
Go beyond expert determination with a comprehensive suite of privacy solutions to address the rapidly evolving privacy landscape
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Key partner in PCORnet, the NIH National Covid Cohort Collaborative (N3C), and the All of Us Research Program.


Access Datavant’s network of networks, including 500+ real-world data partners and 70% of the 100 largest health systems.


Adhere to HIPAA standards and fulfill IRB requirements with Datavant’s FedRAMP® authorized, SOC II certified platform.

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