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Making the world's health data secure, accessible, and usable

As the leader in data logistics for healthcare, we enable organizations to achieve their boldest ambitions to advance human health.

We securely and compliantly move relevant health data from where it sits to where it needs to be.


Protect data through advanced compliance and security solutions.


Connect data throughout the broadest network of networks.


Deliver relevant and timely data through products and services.

The leader in data logistics for healthcare

Thousands of organizations have already joined the largest health data network.

Gain access

Customers can bring together the broadest set of their own data and other relevant data to achieve their goals.

Maintain confidence

Customers can pursue their data-related aspirations with confidence to know Datavant provides the highest-level of compliance and security.

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Simplify the process

Customers can enjoy the most friction-free way to use the data they need, almost as easy as a single click.


Hospitals and clinics

70% of top 100

Largest health systems


Real-world data partners

Datavant values

Our culture at Datavant

Our values power our culture and mission. They shape how we work together, make decisions, grow the team, and best serve our customers everyday.
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We keep data human

Every datapoint we touch represents a patient. We obsess over patient privacy and benefit in all decisions we make, even when it adds friction.

We are customer obsessed

We listen to our customers' current needs, anticipate their future needs, and set the pace for the possible. Today’s awesome is tomorrow’s average.

We operate like owners

We demonstrate unmatched accountability and follow-through. We lead with “how might we” rather than “we can’t.” We raise a hand when there is no clear owner and embrace a “no job too big, no job too small” mindset to win together.

We prioritize growth over comfort

Growth happens outside our comfort zone. We embrace ambition, strive for exceptionalism, and see feedback as a gift. We invest boldly to grow each other, our network, and our impact on healthcare.

We value time as our most prized asset

We respect team and customer time by simplifying steps, knowing when done is better than perfect, and never being the bottleneck. We speak truthfully and openly so information travels fast.

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It’s hard to be in the trenches, especially for a company that’s building core infrastructure. But through the challenge, I hope everybody recognizes the impact that data logistics is having and will have, because it is truly transformative.

Amy Abernethy
President of Product Development & Chief Medical Officer
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Datavant listens to their customers and customizes their services based on our priorities and needs. This is what makes them unique.

Maribeth Jimenez
Operations Manager
Hackensack University Medical
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...It was a unique ask to take a new EMR live while also finding a ROI solution for both future and legacy EMRs in parallel... Datavant has been an excellent partner that has only exceeded expectations. I am thankful we chose them as our ROI Solution.

Conor Horton
Associate Vice President
McLeod Physicians Associates


Meet the leadership team

Our leaders guide strategic direction, drive innovation, and mentor future leaders. They lead by example, championing our guiding values.

Kyle Armbrester

Chief Executive Officer

Pete McCabe

Executive Director

Susan Yun

Chief People Officer

Kathryn Stalmack

Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

Jose Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Shannon West

Chief Product Officer

Vera Mucaj

Chief Scientific Officer and Head of De-Identified Product

Matt Vail

Chief Technology Officer

Ashley Greenberg

Chief of Staff

Bob Borek

GM & President, Provider

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