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Advance data analytics

Link proprietary data with multiple sources and types of real-world data to generate new insights and enable precision care.

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Activate your enterprise data strategy

Build a linkable data infrastructure to break down silos, connect data within and across organizations.

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Commercialize proprietary data assets

Drive visibility and demand for your data and connect with potential buyers in Datavant’s real-world data ecosystem.

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Products and solutions

Protect. Connect. Deliver

Datavant’s solutions enable secure, scalable data connectivity for every use case.
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Datavant Connect

The leading platform for health data linkage

De-identify and tokenize your data, match patient records, and compliantly connect disparate datasets – all in one flexible, end-to-end connectivity platform.
Gain flexible data infrastructure for projects big and small
Access a one-stop-shop for integrated software with the necessary human expertise
Choose from more data sources, applications, and platforms than anywhere else
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Real-World Data Ecosystem

Join the nation’s largest real-world data ecosystem

Connect with more than 500 partner organizations to find fit-for-purpose real-world data or drive visibility and demand for your data assets – all tokenized for patient-level linkage.
Find fit-for-purpose data among the hundreds of partner organizations
De-identify and tokenize data, find data partners, link disparate datasets, and more
Leverage data assessment tools to profile and run overlaps on datasets
Explore real-world data partners
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Privacy Hub

Maximize data utility while protecting patient privacy

From HIPAA Expert Determinations to statistical risk support, our team of leading privacy experts will improve the quality, speed, and verifiability of your compliance process.
Meet HIPAA de-identification standards by obtaining an Expert Determination
Share unstructured text data internally and externally while protecting patient privacy
Meet state de-identification standards for your datasets with an Opinion Letter
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With best-in-class security, in-house privacy and compliance experts, and solutions spanning de-identified and identified data, Datavant is the most widely used and trusted partner for health data connectivity.


Datavant focuses on providing organizations the technology they need to connect data. Unlike competitors, we do not own or sell data or analytics. Partners always maintain complete control over their assets.


Gain access to the largest health data exchange in the US, comprising 500+ real-world data partners and 70,000 hospitals and clinics.
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Datavant’s tokenization and matching capabilities paired with the security and scale of AWS and the benefits of AWS Clean Rooms will enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to better understand the patient journey…

Akram Chetibi
General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms
Amazon Web Services
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Partnering with Datavant has provided Parexel the ability to link disparate data sets to drive the complex analyses necessary for providing innovative scientific and clinical data strategies.

Jamie Macdonald
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Datavant’s technology has allowed us to securely and easily connect Integrity to a growing number of relevant health datasets while at the same time protecting patient privacy.

Arif Nathoo
CEO & Co-Founder
Komodo Health

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