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Maximize data utility while protecting patient privacy

Partner with the leader in privacy preservation for health data to improve the quality, speed, and verifiability of your compliance process.

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Maximize data utility through customized privacy solutions

Take advantage of ongoing statistical risk support

Seamlessly integrate the compliance process

Get HIPAA Expert Determinations tailored to your needs. Access unstructured data de-identification solutions, state privacy law opinion letters, and more.

Obtain assessments of your entire data flow and recommendations on how to best mitigate risk from Privacy Hub’s industry-leading experts.

Enable scalable compliance workflows across your organization with our project management tools that help you connect the dots between data exploration, linking, and privacy.

Maximize data utility and preserve patient privacy

Comply with privacy regulations while unlocking the maximum value from your health data.

Tackle HIPAA compliance

Meet HIPAA de-identification standards by obtaining an Expert Determination.

Substantiate your data’s de-identification status with an analysis by our industry-leading team of experts that delineates the necessary strategies to lower your risk while maintaining data utility.

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Unlock the value of your unstructured data

Share unstructured text data internally and externally, creating new commercial and research opportunities while protecting patient privacy, addressing HIPAA compliance, and maintaining high clinical utility.

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Substantiate compliance with state privacy laws

Meet state de-identification standards for your datasets with an Opinion Letter by an industry-leading expert.

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Unmatched expertise

1,000+ Expert Determinations completed by our in-house team of industry-leading statisticians and data scientists.

Comprehensive privacy solution

Stay compliant with HIPAA and state privacy laws. Preserve privacy for structured and unstructured data.

Cutting-edge technology

Benefit from the most up-to-date practices through our focused research on areas including unstructured data, genomic data, and more.

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