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Enhance accuracy in retrospective risk assessment through AI automation

Boost coding efficiency and ensure accuracy by leveraging AI-enabled automation to identify relevant charts and optimize retrieval methods.

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Leverage smart clinical data networks for prospective risk assessment

Optimize care decisions with Datavant's clinical data network, providing whole-patient insights for seamless in-home, virtual, and in-office risk assessments.

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Products and solutions

Easily capture and analyze health data quickly and securely

Maximize coding accuracy. Enhance HEDIS and Star ratings. Identify and mitigate costly healthcare gaps for optimal patient-provider interactions.
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Health Data Retrieval

Acquire complete member histories quickly and accurately

Exceed retrieval goals, streamline operations, and drive unparalleled value across your use cases through our multichannel retrieval.
Access the nation's largest 70K+ provider network for enhanced data yield.
Gain early access to data through more than 20K+ digital FHIR connections for rapid submissions.
Meet new NCQA, HEDIS, and CMS Star reporting requirements to ensure compliance.
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HCC Coding

Enhance coding precision and speed

Enhance coding accuracy and completeness while achieving superior efficiency and operational performance through AI automation.
Minimize RADV and OIG audit exposure with data-driven mitigation strategies.
Improve the accuracy and completeness of risk adjustment coding.
Speed turnaround time with efficient retrieval and coding integration.
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Hospitals and clinics through the largest health data retrieval network
20% to 40%
Lower fees than other vendors' total chart acquisition costs

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