Clinical research and development

Connect clinical data with RWD at any point in the patient journey

Increase the success of your clinical development program and unlock every trial’s full potential.
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Remove silos for real-world evidence generation

Generate insights by linking trial data at the patient-level with the Datavant ecosystem of real-world data sources.

Increase the success of your clinical development program

Help explain non-responders, extend observation periods, and capture data on patients lost to follow-up.

Reduce high cost of clinical trials and Phase IV studies

From external control arms to long term follow up, trial tokenization helps patients as well as the bottom line.

Products and solutions

Generate clinical insights and improve trial performance

Leverage Datavant’s data connectivity platform to connect proprietary and real-world data, unlocking insights that support clinical trials and R&D.
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Datavant Trials

Unlock every trial’s full potential

Connect clinical trial data with hundreds of real-word data sources for a more complete understanding of the patient journey.
Make data collection an ongoing, adaptable process
Accelerate discovery of underlying conditions, disease progression, and other clinical factors
Support long-term safety and efficacy evidence collection
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Real-World Data Connectivity

Maximize the impact of your clinical development program

Datavant allows you to augment your clinical research with real-world data at the patient level so you can follow cohorts across a full development lifecycle.
Optimize study design and cohort selection
Stay up-to-date on patient progress during the trial
Continue to follow trial patients post-trial to study long-term safety and efficacy
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Data Tokenization in Clinical Trials

Impact your bottom line through every phase

Tokenizing your trial participants can impact every aspect of the clinical trial process from recruitment to follow-up.
Build external control arms for rare disease trials
Reduce site and patient burden of long follow-up periods
Generate evidence for label expansion
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Trusted by leading companies

Datavant is the trusted connectivity partner for 40+ life science customers, who have tokenized data across 100+ brands and more than 100 clinical trials.

Optimized for clinical trial connectivity

Monitor site tokenization, evaluate RWD, and gain visibility across all datasets, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Largest health data ecosystem

Find fit-for-purpose data by leveraging Datavant’s RWD Ecosystem, comprising 500+ partner organizations.

Ready to unlock your trial’s full potential?

Explore how Datavant protects, connects, and delivers data to support clinical R&D.

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