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Connect trial data with RWD at any point, without unblinding or compromising privacy

Tokenize clinical trial data to unlock the full potential of every trial. Link real-world data at any time, for any study phase, and across any therapeutic area.

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Remove data silos to generate more complete evidence

Make data collection an ongoing, adaptable process

Reduce the high costs of clinical trials and Phase IV studies

Leverage RWD to assemble the full picture of trial patients.

Future-proof your study with the ability to generate new evidence to answer unexpected questions.

From confirming medical history to long-term follow-up, trial tokenization helps shed light on the full patient picture to drive integrated evidence generation.

Empower clinical trials with end-to-end visibility

Generate insights from comprehensive patient journeys gathered from before, during and, after the trial. Gain a deeper understanding of patient response to new therapies.

Generate tokens on your trial cohort to be prepared for future data needs

  • Recognize professional patients
  • Construct and deduplicate external control arms
  • Profile your trial cohort
  • Assess potential RWD partners
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Utilize trial tokens to enrich clinical trial data with links to real-world data

  • Confirm participant medical history
  • Perform long-term follow-up and outcome assessment
  • Characterize participants lost to follow-up
  • Better understand non- or super-responders
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Securely exchange identifiable data

  • Minimize the movement of personally identifiable information (PII) and enhance patient privacy
  • Reduce the burden on trial teams and sites, while helping to enhance trial efficiency
  • Generate evidence for label expansion
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Datavant’s secure, HIPAA-compliant and high-accuracy connectivity platform, as well as its ubiquity in the life sciences industry, made it an easy decision for us to invest in an expanded strategic partnership.

Todd Gottula
Clarify Health
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The use of RWD in clinical trials offers an immense opportunity to accelerate medical research and enhance patient care.

Tom Dougherty
Director of RWE Partnerships & Innovation

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