HCC coding

Fast, accurate estimations of member risk using AI-based coding

Achieve the fastest turnaround times in risk adjustment coding with Datavant’s uniquely consolidated approach to retrieval and coding.

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Paint an accurate picture of the health of your members

Reduced errors with coding automation

Accurate risk adjustment leading to maximum reimbursement

Identify and mitigate costly healthcare gaps for optimal patient-provider interactions.

AI-enabled coding tools minimize human error in the coding process, leading to more accurate outcomes.

Capture the complexity and severity of a member's health status, ensuring maximum reimbursement.

End-to-end risk adjustment coding

Experience Datavant's standard coding and quality processes after retrieving charts.

Step 1

Project initiation

Includes data input/output formats and established reporting frequency.

Step 2

Chart acquisition and preparation

Includes data input/output formats and established reporting frequency.

Step 3

Coding review

Analyze charts and assign diagnosis codes that are supported that risk adjust.

Step 4

Tiered quality assurance

Conduct comprehensive quality audits. Includes targeted, trend-based, random sampling for accuracy and completeness across coder, project, and client levels.

Step 5

Results delivery

Fast and actionable coding data to make decisions early in your program.

Enhance coding precision and speed

Enhance coding accuracy and completeness while achieving superior efficiency and operational performance through AI automation.

Enhance coding accuracy and completeness

Datavant offers first pass coding, as well as second- and third-level review to improve accuracy of previously-coded charts.

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Automate code review with natural language processing

Datavant’s proprietary AI-enabled coding engine uses NLP to extract codes from charts and compare to prior coding results.

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Access risk adjustment coding for all types of health plans

Datavant provides risk adjustment coding for all types of health plans.

Health plans supported include:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Commercial health plans
  • Medicaid
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Trusted by
Leading Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and ACA health plans for over 45 years
Retained by
Health plan customers annually
20% to 40%
Lower fees than other vendors' total chart acquisition costs

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