Linking Specialty Pharmacy Data for Commercial Success: The New World of Commercial Analytics

Specialty drugs have experienced strong growth in the past decade: In 2021, specialty drugs represented 50% of total drug spending in the U.S., up from 24% in 2007. This trend is expected to continue, with specialty drugs constituting nearly 80% of the drugs up for FDA approval in 2023.

The growth of specialty drugs led to an initial fragmentation of data, which specialty pharmacy data aggregators (SPA) subsequently addressed. However, life science companies needed to look beyond just SPA data to gain comprehensive insights into the patient journey. While linking SPA data with first party data is a positive step, it falls short of realizing the full potential of what can be achieved.

Learn about the unique insights and capabilities unlocked by connecting SP data, first party data, and RWD, including:

  • Improved targeting and triggers
  • Understanding attrition to enhance adherence
  • Maximizing reimbursement
  • Facilitating future drug development
  • Optimizing patient assistance programs

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