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Making the world’s health data secure, accessible and usable.

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Securely and compliantly moving data to advance human health.
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Powering organizations to achieve their data strategy

It’s time for data in healthcare to be both secure and accessible.

Join Datavant’s network of networks, including more than 70,000 hospitals and clinics, 70% of the top 100 largest health systems, and an ecosystem of 500+ real-world data partners


Access a frictionless experience for managing the secure flow of patient data. Ensure relevant information is provided only to those who should have it.

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Life Sciences

Effective incorporation of real-world data means new discoveries, more evidence, better patient support, and improved commercial performance.

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Data Analytics

Power deeper analytics and greater insights through connection to the nation's largest real-world data ecosystem.

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Public Sector

Connect clinical and real-world data to advance public health and better understanding of disease.

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Health Plans

Know your members and optimize care offerings.

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Largest ecosystem
Real-world data partners
Industry-leading partners
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Top pharma companies partner with Datavant
Hospitals and clinics through the largest health data retrieval network
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Products and solutions

Datavant protects, connects, and delivers the world's most precious data.

Release of Information

Support your critical patient data requests using a combination of technology and value-added services.

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Datavant Connect

Unlock the promise of real-world data with compliant connectivity infrastructure that scales with your needs.

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Health Data Retrieval

Find the patient health data you need, pulled from the world’s largest health data network.

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Datavant Trials

Enrich trial data with RWD to build a longitudinal view of patients before, during, and after the trial.

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Privacy Hub

Mitigate risk while maximizing data utility through expert-led privacy technology and services.

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Achieve your boldest ambitions

Explore how Datavant can be your health data logistics partner.

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