Unmasking Scams: Samuel L. Jackson Works for Walgreens?

November 16, 2023

Meet the speakers

Elizabeth Delahoussaye
Privacy Officer
Amy Derlink
Director of Compliance and Privacy

About the podcast

In this podcast episode titled "Unmasking Hollywood Scams: When Samuel L. Jackson Works for Walgreens," Elizabeth Delahoussaye, Chief Privacy Officer for Datavant, and her partner in crime, Amy Derlink, discuss a series of elaborate scams involving fraudulent requests for medical information. The scammers, impersonating celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Sarah Jessica Parker, targeted healthcare organizations, requesting sensitive patient data through seemingly legitimate channels. The hosts delve into how their team detected and exposed these scams, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in scrutinizing such requests.

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Thorough Verification: Highlighting the necessity of thoroughly verifying requests for sensitive information to prevent falling victim to sophisticated scams.
  • Collaborative Alert System: Emphasizing the role of collaboration in quickly alerting the entire industry to emerging threats, showcasing the importance of sharing information to enhance collective cybersecurity.
  • Evolution of Scam Tactics: Discussing the evolving tactics employed by scammers, moving beyond traditional phishing methods, and underscoring the need for continuous awareness and education within the healthcare sector to stay ahead of fraudulent activities.

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