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Enhance research, expand collaborative networks, supplement data

Securely and compliantly connect patient data to conduct research at scale through Datavant’s network of networks.
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Datavant Connect

Scale population health research

Connect electronic health record data in a privacy preserving way to build patient cohorts. Follow patient journeys across multiple health systems.
Securely link and de-identify real-world data across health care organizations
Build patient databases to efficiently evaluate trends and establish initiatives to improve care
Join disparate datasets to follow the patient journey throughout all study phases
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Real-World Data Ecosystem

Expand your network

Easily and securely collaborate with healthcare providers and data partners to accelerate clinical research.
Compliantly collaborate with data partners that offer unique data sets
Apply for national based funding using privacy-preserving record linkage
Establish new partnerships with study sponsors and collaborators
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Real-World Data Connectivity

Enrich data with commercial sources

Create enhanced patient population profiles by connecting disparate de-identified data from commercial partners.
Improve the utility of observational data sets
Uncover meaningful insights on patient populations
Identify trends in patient outcomes through data from other partners
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Key partner in PCORnet, the NIH National Covid Cohort Collaborative (N3C), and the All of Us Research Program.


Access Datavant’s network of networks, including 500+ real-world data partners and 70% of the 100 largest health systems.


Utilize HIPAA Compliant standards and fulfill IRB requirements.
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The realization of national data linkage to support collaborative analytics would not be possible without Datavant’s technology, and is foundational to the success of the N3C [National COVID Cohort Collaborative].

Melissa Haendel, PhD
Marsico Chair in Data Science and Chief Research Informatics Officer
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Principal Investigator for N3C
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Privacy-preserving record linkages enable us to really learn from the experience and outcomes of every patient in a way that protects the individuals involved...

Warren Kibbe Ph.D, FACMI
Chief of Translational Biomedical Informatics in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Duke University

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