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Build a nimble data strategy with Datavant Connect, the platform that helps you balance data utility with data privacy.

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Achieve your enterprise data strategy

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Optimize for scale

Solve the compliance bottleneck

Maintain true flexibility of choice

Flexible data infrastructure for initiatives big and small. Built in project management helps you organize partners and workflows across teams.

Expert-led privacy technology accelerates the process of complying with HIPAA de-identification standards.

With Datavant’s neutral ecosystem and ubiquitous token, you can collaborate with more partners - and generate more robust insights - than anywhere else.

Balance data utility with data privacy

Tokenize data, find and assess potential data partners, and connect datasets at the individual level – while  preserving patient privacy.

Make your data safe for sharing with unique, irreversible, and site-specific tokens

Datavant Connect provides tokenization software that uses personally identifiable information (PII) to create encrypted, interoperable tokens. Our software can be run on-premise via CLI, desktop UI, or in your own cloud environment.

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Navigate the expanding RWD ecosystem with ease to find fit-for-purpose data

Find data sources, get exposure to data buyers, and visualize metadata and overlap across multiple datasets simultaneously.

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Compliantly connect datasets at the patient level – even when PII has changed

Identity resolution is complex.  Datavant Match uses machine learning and referential data to surface more, high-quality matches while Privacy Hub addresses compliance every step of the way.

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Largest ecosystem
Real-world data partners
Industry-leading partners
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Top pharma companies partner with Datavant
Unmatched expertise
Expert Determinations completed by our in-house team
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Datavant’s tokenization and matching capabilities paired with the security and scale of AWS and the benefits of AWS Clean Rooms will enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to better understand the patient journey…

Akram Chetibi
General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms
Amazon Web Services
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Using Datavant’s technology, Komodo’s platform has been supporting clinical development teams to unlock the value of RWE to increase health equity in site selection, improve speed of recruitment and support research to reduce the burden of disease.

Arif Nathoo
CEO & Co-Founder
Komodo Health
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The realization of national data linkage to support collaborative analytics would not be possible without Datavant’s technology, and is foundational to the success of the N3C [National COVID Cohort Collaborative].

Melissa Haendel, PhD
Marsico Chair in Data Science and Chief Research Informatics Officer
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Principal Investigator for N3C

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