Value-based care

Get standardized data from across EHRs in minutes

Successfully reduce costs while improving the overall quality of healthcare for your patient population.
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Integrate with multiple EHR systems faster and easier

We deliver standardized actionable health data to drive prevention measures for at risk populations.
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Health Data Extraction

The leading platform for health data linkage.

De-identify and tokenize your data, match patient records, and compliantly connect disparate datasets – all in one flexible, end-to-end connectivity platform.
Connect to 70+ EHR systems to create a single source of aggregated health data, accessing EHR data that interoperability standards cannot
Automate data collection across hundreds of practices into one place daily
Securely share data outside of your organization
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Digitally connected

Connect to 70+ EHR systems to digitally fulfill requests.

Simple installation

Quick and simple installation takes under 30 minutes of IT time.

Vast provider network

Digital connections built to over 1,500 sites.

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Explore how Datavant protects, connects, and delivers the world’s health data through data logistics. Ensure every decision in healthcare is powered by relevant data.

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