Health data retrieval

Seamless and secure access to health data

Datavant provides requesters with the clinical data they need, pulled from the nation’s largest network of providers.

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Provide coverage to patients cost-effectively

Improve patient health outcomes

Direct connections to providers

Accessing complete health data enables health plans to accurately assess the health status of their members, ensuring appropriate reimbursement.

Retrieve a patients consolidated record in a timely manner to make informed, evidence based decisions and facilitate coordination of care.

Save time and money when requesting data from Datavant’s directly connected provider network,  the largest network of health data in the world.

Retrieve data with ease and simplicity

Get a complete picture of patient health from over 70,000 hospitals and clinics. Inform risk adjustment, disability claims, underwriting, and other business needs.

Retrieve data for any type of authorized request

Whether you are a health plan, provider, law firm, government entity, insurance company, or a patient, you can retrieve data through Datavant for use cases including:

  • Risk adjustment
  • Disability claims
  • Underwriting
  • Continuity of care
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Access records through Datavant’s digital and manual retrieval methods

Quickly and easily retrieve records digitally from over 70,000 U.S. hospitals and clinics, and select international databases, like the NHS Spine. To retrieve records for providers outside of our network, Datavant retrieval experts manually obtain the records.

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Find patient records using just demographic information

While traditional record retrieval requires patient and provider information, Datavant’s platform can also locate records without provider names or specific encounter dates of service, increasing the access to relevant patient data.

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Largest provider network

Digitally connect to over 70,000 hospitals and clinics.

Industry-leading experts

Over 45 years of experience in health data retrieval.

Proven satisfaction

97% retention rate for health plan requesters.

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