England health data retrieval

Unlock real-time health data access through the NHS Spine

Faster NHS access with 100% GP coverage in England. Retrieve medical records, verify users, and streamline healthcare processes.

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Reduce costs by 7x by using a single NHS integration

Save time by implementing only one interface and a single API

Easily integrate the API with JSON

Remove the need to manage multiple NHS Connections through the fully scalable, streamlined, plug and play model.

Expedite product deployment through conveniently centralized integrations.

Eliminate the complexities of SOAP, HTML, or XML and experience uninterrupted and supported JSON.

Rapidly and seamlessly deliver your solution

Facilitate instant, real-time record retrieval and create value-driven supply chains through a portfolio of logistics and transportation solutions.

Retrieve and connect health data to develop a holistic patient picture

Compliantly retrieve real time data from patients’ general practitioners. De-identify and connect it to clinical trials. Gain insights into underlying factors behind key events such as, patient drop off.

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Connect to clinical systems with IM1 Pairing integration

Get instant electronic health record access to streamline digital prescription management and facilitate clinical evidence generation. Access data such as diagnosis, test results, medications, allergies, vaccinations, and consultations.

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Authenticate against the NHS Spine

Through the Personal Demographic Service (PDS) quickly obtain demographic details and eliminate the need for a costly, dedicated HSCN/N3 line.

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Audited and secured

We use HTTPS and OAuth 2.0 authorisation framework.

99.9% uptime

We guarantee 99.99% API uptime. Get full support from initial build to launching into production.


Execute over a quarter of a million API calls monthly for multinational companies.

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Explore how data logistics can compliantly and securely unlock valuable insights for research, development, and improved patient outcomes.

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