Privacy and compliance

Ensuring privacy and compliance for data logistics in healthcare

Datavant achieves unmatched quality through dedicated focus on proprietary technology, our robust healthcare network, and value-added services. Quality, privacy, and security is built into every layer of Datavant.


Privacy and compliance is core to making the world’s health data secure, accessible, and usable, playing an important role across the entire organization. Our commitment to compliance drives successful solutions for our customers. We provide proactive education and training to promote a culture of compliance and privacy. This includes clear and transparent policies and procedures, as well as open and honest communication and reporting structures.

The Privacy and Compliance team at Datavant monitors federal and state regulations to develop compliant policies, procedures, and technology. We hold a myriad of credentials, including, but not limited to, RHIAs, RHITs, CHPS (AHIMA Certified Credentials), CHPC, and CHRC (HCCA Certified Credentials).


Datavant has designed processes to maximize quality performance. An impactful health data network requires thoughtful privacy practices that instill trust. Through proprietary technology, the world's most robust healthcare network, and value-added services we protect, connect, and deliver the world's health data.


We are customer obsessed. We listen to our customers’ current challenges, anticipate their future needs, and set the pace for the possible. Today's awesome is tomorrow's average. We understand our customers first-hand, We actively solicit and incorporate their feedback and we think boldly for our customers. We offer best in class service and support, internally and externally, this includes partnerships with our clients with a focus on identifying and reducing risk.

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