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We are a lean, high-performing team of people who are smart, nice, and get things done — these are the hallmark traits of a Datavanter.
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Datavanters drive impact from Day 1

We strive to be the best place in the world for personal growth and learning. We do this by betting on potential and embracing a growth mindset. One cornerstone of this at Datavant is the Day 1 Project.
Kenzie Alexander
Head of Tech Integrations & Employer Solutions

Building out a National Hackathon

Day 1 project: Starting on my first day I was tasked with brainstorming and executing a noteworthy event to pair with our annual Future of Health Data summit.

Impact: I developed a plan to host an external hackathon focused on solving today’s biggest challenges in healthcare (e.g., reproductive privacy, opioid crisis, health equity) with the winning teams attending the summit to present their solutions! I had the opportunity to fully own the contest rules, prizes, judge and sponsor outreach, and execution of the event.

What I learned: The opportunity to fully own a project end to end has been a remarkable experience. My thoughts and ideas are valued here, making it an amazing place to learn and grow.

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Alejandro Zamorano
Sales Leader, Identified Partnerships, Life Sciences, Ecosystem, Public Sector

Develop Sales Strategy for a New Customer Vertical

Day 1 project: In my first 30 days at Datavant, I was tasked with developing a strategy on how we could expand our use-cases to pharmaceutical companies. I spoke with many different pharma companies about their needs and how they leveraged Real World Data (RWD) to support their commercial and R&D initiatives.

Impact: I used the insights from my research to refine our position and land on a value proposition that resonated with pharmaceutical companies: tokenizing and de-identifying pharma’s patient-level data – such as Specialty Pharmacy feeds, Patient registries, and Trials – and linking this data to the RWD ecosystem to improve patient outcomes.

What I learned: From this high-impact Day 1 project, I learned that Datavant is the type of company that rewards those who take risks, learn from mistakes, and iterate.

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Carlos Guzman
Head of Engineering, Payer

Simplify the transfer of Python models to Java

Day 1 project: Starting on day 1, I was developing different features and resolving bugs to become familiar with the Datavant codebase. One of the specific tasks involved interacting with the Machine Learning models we use to score whether patient records match or not. This task helped me understand the use of models so that I could later come up with a design for moving our in-process Java models to a Python service. Before this migration data scientists would develop models in Python and an engineer had to spend days or weeks to translate them to Java.

Impact: With the design I implemented, data scientists will be able to upload their models as soon as they’re ready and they should be available to be used in production immediately.

What I learned: Faster iterations mean faster development to get Match to be the best privacy preserving record linkages (PPRL) product out there!

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Jon Lehan
People Programs

Roll out new HRIS tool to a whole division

Day 1 project: On my Day 1, I was given ownership in the implementation of an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) that would become the source of truth for the entire Product and Go-to-Market Division when it comes to people data.

Impact: Within 60 days of starting at Datavant, I was rolling out the platform to the organization and educating the team on how to use the system. Given an incredible amount of autonomy, I was the decision-maker throughout the entire process, and this allowed me to become the expert.

What I learned: Importantly, this Day 1 experience gave me the confidence to own future projects as they arose. In terms of both growth and career development, my experience with Datavant has been incredibly rewarding.

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Lauren Mee
Customer Success, Ecosystem

Create process to accelerate sales of Marketing Qualified Leads

Day 1 project: There was no existing standard process for addressing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) on the Ecosystem Partnerships team. On my first day at Datavant, I was given the opportunity to build this out to better support the partnerships team.

Impact: I built out a system to qualify leads based on the company they were with, their title, and their use case. I then routed them to each sales rep on a rotating basis. Having a set process for qualifying MQLs allowed me to address them faster and increase the MQL to meeting rate. This has helped build our top of funnel and has resulted in several proposals and potential deals won for the rest of this year.

What I learned: Owning a project from my first day at Datavant was a great way to learn the tools and skills necessary for my position. I’m looking forward to continuing the process and finding ways to improve it for newer Datavanters who join the team in the future!

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Bob Borek
GM & President, Provider

Developing Target Account List for Tokenization Technology

Day 1 project: On my first day at Datavant, I was asked to put together a target account list. I spent many hours researching the market and working to map out the areas where we could drive the most value for customers. The list ended up driving a strategic debate within the company about where we were focusing, and who could get the most value from Datavant’s tokenization technology.

Impact: What I loved about the exercise is that we obsessed over making the list shorter rather than longer, defining clearly where we had product-market fit in the early days and how that would set us up to scale over time. Four years later, almost every company on that initial list is a Datavant customer.

What I learned: from the exercise is that being able to influence company strategy starts with rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

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Sara Rogovin
Head of Technical Solutions, Life Sciences, Ecosystem, Public Sector

Implement Rollout Strategy for COVID Research

Day 1 project: I was tasked with implementing our rollout strategy for the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C), an open-science research collaborative Datavant helps power through our privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL) technology. The approach had to be easily scalable since over 70 health systems across the country contribute to N3C to advance COVID research. This was a great opportunity to partner closely with our NIH colleagues, who were highly collaborative throughout.

Impact: I created a collection of training, demo, and implementation materials specific to N3C to onboard health systems in minutes with minimal questions. I conceptualized and designed a central website that served as the “hub” for all these materials to ensure an implementing health system had everything they needed in one place to get started. This was a creative risk that paid off and we’ve since adopted a similar approach for other projects.

What I learned: Diving straight into high-importance customer projects so early in my tenure was a tremendously valuable learning experience and a true testament to our core value of “more responsibility, fewer rules.”

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Varun Lahoti
Product Manager

Lead Supplier Contract Negotiation

Day 1 project: In my first week at Datavant, I led a supplier contract negotiations for a multimillion dollar deal. I worked closely with the President of the Division, our Chief Legal Officer,  external counsel, and the engineering teams to scope the parameters of the contract and ensure that the agreement met our product requirements.

Impact: The agreement was signed and the project was implemented.

What I learned: I had the opportunity to learn about interesting legal precedents. After the agreement was signed, I led a team to conduct a proof-of-concept study to ensure that the agreement met our product needs.

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Our inclusive team and benefits

We believe every decision in healthcare should be backed by the right data. To achieve this mission, we commit to building a diverse team of Datavanters who are smart, nice, and get things done. We steward a high-performance culture in which all Datavanters belong and thrive. We hire for the potential to excel in a role, and encourage applications from promising applicants who may not “tick all of the boxes.”
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Competitive salaries and rewards

Competitive salaries and rewards that recognize and appreciate your dedication and contributions.


Many opportunities to work from anywhere in the US

Flexibility to create your ideal work environment and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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Commitment to learning and development

Invest in your career. Continuously grow through skill enhancement, training, and mentorship opportunities.

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Competitive benefits - multiple plan options and coverage levels

Competitive benefits package, prioritizing health, financial security, and overall well-being.

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Generous parental and family leave

Embrace work-life balance with our generous parental and family leave policy.

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Unlimited PTO for salaried employees

Join a workplace that values shared success and empowers you to thrive.

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Our Way

Our Way is the DNA of Datavant’s distinctive culture

Datavanters operate with unmatched velocity and growth to enable organizations to protect, connect, and deliver the world's health data.

Who we are

We are a lean, high-performing team of people who are smart, nice, and get things done.

What we are doing

We are achieving bold ambitions to make a difference in healthcare.

How we are doing it

We operate with unmatched organizational velocity and growth.

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I’m surprised at how much I enjoy working remotely… I don’t have to be bound to one location and I save time commuting. And I’m fortunate to work with a close-knit team — everyone is approachable, caring, and cooperative. We celebrate small and big achievements, and have fun doing it. (Ask me about Espresso Day. We are cool beans!) There are plenty of opportunities to spend time together virtually or in-person with events like happy hour, game night, volunteering, or group walks.

Datavant employee, Claire Manneh
Claire Manneh
Head of Provider Research
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I love that I have the opportunity to fully own high-impact projects from end to end at Datavant. My thoughts and ideas are valued here, making it an amazing place to learn and grow.

Datavant employee, Kenzie Alexander
Kenzie Alexander
Head of Tech Integrations & Employer Solutions
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Having a flexible schedule and working from home are just some of the perks of being at Datavant. Datavant is invested in the success and growth of their employees through continuing education opportunities such as monthly coding roundtables. I am fortunate to be working at a company that truly values their employees, offers challenging opportunities and a positive culture. I enjoy the meaningful work that we do for our clients and am grateful to be part of an amazing team and company!

Datavant employee, Maria
Maria, BA, RHIT
Coding Consultant


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