Health data extraction

Simplify your health data connection and collection

Collect and standardize health data within minutes, regardless of which EHR systems you use

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Learn about the impact of data logistics on health data

"Data logistics is the key to unlocking the value of data for the benefit of patients, and for the healthcare system as a whole." - Bob Borek, General Manager & President, Provider

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Save time and money with simplified installation

Best-in-class security

Make smart decisions

Extract health data with Datavant’s simple to install, EHR-agnostic interface engine. This data can be used to assess the quality, cost and outcomes of care being provided.

Datavant’s platform adapts to changes in compliance standards and integration requirements so you don’t have to.

Use extracted data across your organization to analyze and submit for clinical quality measures.

Healthcare interoperability made easy

Streamline the connection and processing of your patients’ health data.

Seamlessly connect to more than 70 EHR/PM systems

Connect to 70+ on-premise or cloud based EHR systems to create a single source of aggregated health data, accessing EHR data that interoperability standards cannot. Connection is quick and simple, taking minutes, not months.

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Collect a complete picture of your patient’s health data

Extract over 300 standardized data elements from EHR systems, including clinical and financial data. Option to extract unstructured notes like documents, PDFs, and progress notes.

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Aggregate standardized data in the cloud

All data is securely transferred to the cloud, where only authorized parties will have access to the database. This storage is HITRUST certified, HIPAA compliant, and SOC2 compliant.

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Easily manage your data and connections

Datavant’s user-friendly interface allows you to monitor connections, data anomalies, and other useful information while running custom queries again your patients’ health data.

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Deliver the data that matters

Delivery options include API, webhooks, flat-file, HL7 and more. Option available to display patient care insights to the provider.

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Digitally connected

Connect to 70+ EHR systems to digitally fulfill requests.

Simple installation

Quick and simple installation takes under 30 minutes of IT time.

Vast provider network

Digital connections built to over 1,500 sites.

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