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ViVE: The Trending Health Conference for Healthcare Tech Professionals

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Jen Selpa
April 5, 2023

Health conference season has a way of sneaking up on you, and with new healthcare events emerging every year, deciding which ones to attend can be difficult.

When researching 2023 healthcare events, ViVE stood out to us because it’s co-organized by the extraordinary event folks at HLTH. Last week Cliff Cavanaugh, Healthjump’s Chief Technology Officer, made his way down to Nashville to see what ViVE is all about.

There’s a lot to say about any event, but we’ll cut to the chase. Keep reading for 3 key takeaways from a healthcare technology executive.

1. ViVE Attracts a Strong List of Attendees 

ViVE promised to bring you the C-suite-level healthcare decision-makers you want to connect with, and Cliff confirmed they did not disappoint. However, Cliff wasn't the only one impressed by the list of attendees. In her ViVE and CHIME Wrap Up, Dr. Jayne explains that the connections she made while traveling throughout the event floor were much more valuable than some of the panels she attended. 

ViVE's ability to simplify the health conference scene and cut through the noise to focus on connection building, combined with the collective influence of attendees, will make it easier for them to gain traction. It will be interesting to see how ViVE continues to grow after seeing strong attendance in the first two years.

2. Centralized Location for All ViVE Events

Unique to ViVE, all sessions were held in the main hall along the trade floor edges. This small detail allowed all the energy and buzz to come together in one place. Having everyone and everything nearby during the event helped emphasize networking. 

3. Enhanced Health Conference Experience Through a Superior App

Gone are the days of trying to identify a landmark and figure out if you’re meeting up with the person in light or dark blue. ViVE solved the logistical headache of connecting and meeting up with other attendees.

When you found someone you wanted to connect with in the app, you could immediately see their availability. If they accepted your invitation, you were assigned a table number in a dedicated networking space so you knew exactly where to go and were confident that you were approaching the right person. 

Improving Health Conferences

As more events emerge in the industry, we will undoubtedly see event organizers push the envelope for health conferences and continue to improve the attendee experience. Time is arguably the most valuable resource for health tech professionals. Knowing that you will have more time to maximize your experience and build stronger connections is certainly a top consideration for conference attendees.

Want to become a health conference pro? Learn on how to optimize your experience at HIMSS23 and beyond!

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