Medical devices

Maximize the value of medical devices with real-world data

Locate device-specific data and connect to multiple real-world datasets to power clinical and commercial initiatives.
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Increase the utility of your device data

Tokenize and aggregate all of your device-level data with Datavant Connect.

Gain a better understanding of your products’ performance

Leverage RWD for post-market surveillance and product differentiation. Ensure patient safety, comply with regulatory requirements, and support business objectives.

Impact bottom line and expand product utility

Demonstrate the broader effectiveness and safety of your devices outside of its specific use. Support applications for label expansions through real-world data.

Products and solutions

Connect real-world data to your medical device data

Compliantly connect data, including brand-level and device-specific identifiers at scale.
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Datavant Connect

Simplify contracting, lower costs, and expedite clinical R&D

Tokenize data, match patient records, and compliantly connect disparate datasets – all in one flexible, end-to-end connectivity platform.
Find real-world data on your device by providing a list of part numbers or UDI
Match patients from your internal device data to multiple datasets
Connect clinical trial data to RWD for retrospective, concurrent, and prospective analysis
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Datavant Trials

Monitor long-term performance

Augment your clinical research with real-world data at the patient level to follow cohorts across a full development lifecycle.
Track the long-term performance of a device in real-world settings
Identify trends, patterns, and issues not apparent in controlled clinical trials
Understand product differentiation, device safety, and effectiveness over time
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Real-World Data Ecosystem

Investigate off-label use to support label expansion

Discover new uses that impact patients in need by connecting to real-world data. Maximize impact while steering research and development strategy.
Discover off-label usage of your product
Generate evidence by demonstrating improved patient outcomes
Fine-tune R&D investments to focus on growth and market acceptance
Explore real-world data partners
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End-to-end data connectivity platform

Get seamless, compliant data connectivity with Datavant Connect.

Largest health data ecosystem

Find fit-for-purpose data by joining Datavant’s RWD Ecosystem, comprising 500+ partner organizations.

Integrated compliance solutions

Remove compliance bottlenecks by leveraging best-in-class privacy experts and technology.

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Explore how Datavant protects, connects, and delivers the world’s health data.

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