Datavant Connect Overview: Tokenization Technology for Structured Data

Datavant is firmly committed to advancing healthcare through data analytics while protecting patients’ privacy.

Before Datavant, sensitive patient information was protected by removing it altogether. If it wasn’t there, the thinking went, it couldn’t be exposed. Unfortunately, if a patient’s identifying information was removed, it also meant that there was no way to combine that patient’s healthcare data in one file (e.g., his or her hospital stay) with data in another file (e.g., his or her pharmacy prescriptions after being discharged).

At Datavant, we take a different approach. Our patented technology replaces sensitive patient information with an encrypted “token” that can’t be reverse-engineered to reveal the underlying information. Furthermore, our technology can generate the same patient-specific tokens in any data set, which means that corresponding patient records can be matched between disparate datasets without ever sharing the underlying patient information.

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