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Expand capabilities and unlock research opportunities with connected data

Create holistic patient views, expand registry capabilities, and attract strategic industry sponsorships by joining the nation’s largest health data ecosystem.
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Products and solutions

End-to-end data connectivity in a compliant partner ecosystem

Utilize privacy-preserving record linkage technology to connect disparate datasets at the patient level, all while maintaining patient privacy and regulatory compliance.
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Datavant Connect

Drive research initiatives with existing and new registries

Expand the utility of QCDR and non-QCDR registries by linking to every type of real-world data in Datavant’s RWD Ecosystem.
Develop a holistic view of patients to guide research and assess outcomes
Remove silos for advanced evidence generation
Establish data collection as a continuous, adaptable process
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Real-World Data Ecosystem

Build data-sharing partnerships

Identify new partnerships within industry to generate revenue and support the discovery of novel therapies and medical devices.
Find potential partners in an open ecosystem of more than 500 organizations across the healthcare industry
Drive visibility and demand for your data
Assess datasets for overlapping patients and collaborate securely without transferring PHI
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Real-World Data Connectivity

Develop new quality measures and avoid added connection costs

Substitute expensive and incomplete EMR records by connecting to real-world data. Access Datavant partners to make novel data types more accessible.
Capture missing clinical data without sacrificing quality
Create new data collection modalities, including those collected by wearables
Explore hundreds of potential data suppliers to enrich your registry data
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Datavant does not own, aggregate, or sell data. Our open-ecosystem approach gives you complete control over your data and your partnerships.


Access Datavant’s network of networks, including 500+ real-world data partners and 70% of the 100 largest health systems.


Adhere to HIPAA standards and fulfill IRB requirements with Datavant’s FedRAMP® authorized, SOC II certified platform.

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