From Data to Insights: Harnessing Cloud-First Data Strategies

July 25, 2024
9:00 am
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Meet the speakers

Garrett Little
Cloud Solutions Architect
Todd Crosslin
Global Industry Principal Healthcare and Life Sciences
Haylee Alexander

About the webinar

The future of connected data is cloud-first! Healthcare and life science organizations are looking for new ways to leverage real-world data to understand patient journeys better, ultimately improving outcomes. Learn how to maximize your investment in the cloud, reduce data movement, and generate patient insights faster by leveraging Datavant Connect on Snowflake. This novel approach to data connectivity will more effectively address healthcare and life sciences data needs to develop a longitudinal view of the patient journey.

Join us for an interactive session that includes a fireside chat with two Snowflake experts, Todd Crosslin, a global leader in healthcare and life sciences, and Haylee Alexander, clean room pioneer, an interactive Demo from Datavant’s cloud solution architect Garrett Little, and a Q&A session to answer all of your questions!

What we will cover:

  • The future of cloud computing and what new capabilities are coming
  • Where AI is making a big impact in healthcare and life sciences
  • What is a clean room, and what does it unlock
  • How to unlock the power of connected data with Datvant Connect on Snowflake

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