Cloud Integrations

A new way for data partners to safely collaborate

Leverage the tokenization technology of Datavant Connect from within your own cloud environment.

Current integrations include AWS, Databricks, and Snowflake

Bringing our tokenization technology to cloud storage providers is the first step in our effort to bring more tools to the data. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

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Deploy the Datavant python wheel. Reads and writes to Databricks Lakehouse.

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Deploy the Datavant docker container using  EC2, ECS or EKS. Reads and writes to your AWS S3 locations.

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Deploy Datavant as a Snowflake Native App. Reads and writes to Snowflake tables.

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Ready to collaborate on the cloud?

Maximize your cloud investment

Save on compute and data egress costs when you bring Datavant tools to the data via your cloud marketplace.

Less movement, less risk

Tokenizing on the cloud means simpler data flows. Paired with a Clean Room, this enables a "no movement" approach to data collaboration.

Faster processing time

Increase speed to insight by accelerating  data processing time by up to 80%.

Unlocking new use cases

Natively integrate the Datavant within cloud solutions to tokenize and link data while maximizing investment in the cloud. Pairing Datavant’s native integration with cloud solutions, like Clean Rooms, enables organizations to unlock new use cases for their data.

Curious about Clean Rooms?

What is a Clean Room?

A clean room is a secure environment for controlled analysis of patient level data. Typically, Clean rooms enable data analytics without data movement and all parties must agree to what can or cannot be queried. Launching a data clean room involves strategic collaboration between the participating organizations.

How is a Clean Room different from sharing de-identified data?

Clean Rooms provide a secure environment for data analysis that doesn’t require sharing of underlying data. Clean Rooms enable data sources to set rules and/or approve any queries being run on their data. This removes the need to rely on business contracts to guard use of data. Queries are used to understand metadata and overlap between datasets and only run if all parties approve. In this way, Clean Rooms reduce data movement and allow data sources to have visibility into how the end user is querying their data.

Can I tokenize data in the cloud without using a Clean Room?

Yes. Tokenization is the foundation for any analysis of de-identified data whether it be within a Clean Room or by linking data directly. You can find Datavant tokenization on the Databricks and AWS marketplaces.

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Datavant’s tokenization and matching capabilities paired with the security and scale of AWS and the benefits of AWS Clean Rooms will enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to better understand the patient journey…

Akram Chetibi
General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms
Amazon Web Services
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Data collaboration with multiple partners is the foundation to executing real world evidence studies - and it’s a challenge due to data sharing complexities.

Paul Petraro
Executive Director of Real World
Evidenceat Boehringer Ingelheim

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