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Building An Integration Plan For Health Data Exchange

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Jim Rowland
October 12, 2018

The U.S. healthcare system has been evolving at a furious pace, which is why it is important to make integration planning a fundamental component of information technology (IT) operations. When new software and systems are added to an existing environment, it can further compound integration issues. Many times, technology companies do not factor integration project management into their overall implementation plan, which leads to increased operating costs, poor data sharing, project delays, and safety risks. It is imperative to develop a framework to ensure proper integration planning and management to help support new or ongoing projects, prepare for electronic health records (EHR) initiatives, and meet general IT goals for improved data management.

Build vs. Buy

There are generally two options when it comes to embedding software into a business process:

  1. Use different vendors for specific solutions and then find a way to connect them
  2. Hire software engineers to custom-build an application tailored to the specific needs of the business

The challenge with buying different solutions is not only the cost of the system but the integration. It costs a lot of money to maintain multiple interfaces, and it may be difficult to expand the business with system compatibility limitations. Many companies find that it is more cost-effective to use a data integration company, such as Healthjump, to extract the data from a current system to further develop their application.

Some companies often get weighed down trying to do too much at once while building a complicated interface. Healthjump helps simplify the process by handling the data extraction and providing it to the developer in a form they can readily use to provide maximum value to customers.

It’s important to create an integration road map outlining the practical uses for a software app before starting on the journey of development.

Choosing Healthjump to assist with the development of an app gives the developer the freedom to continue perfecting the app while leaving the integration heavy-lifting to the experts. Contact us to learn more.

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