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Healthjump Feature Release Notes - Q1 2019

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Cliff Cavanaugh
February 28, 2019

Explore and visualize warehoused data with DBExplorer!

DBExplorer can:

  • Help you make sense of your data
  • Connect and query your data sources
  • Build dashboards to visualize data and share them with your organization

Learn more about DBExplorer

Discover potential data gaps with Data Advisor!

Data Advisor
  • When aggregating data from many sources, it's tough to tell who's appropriately coding important CQMs
  • Data Advisor shows what measures are not being properly codified 
  • See how large of a patient population exists in your data set that meets certain CQM criteria
  • Stay tuned for some non-CQM updates to data advisor soon

Subscribe to events in real-time with Webhooks

  • If your application can benefit from getting data sent to a URL in real-time then I have good news, Healthjump now supports webhooks
  • Subscribe to common events that get recorded in an EHR like appointment scheduling and changes to encounters
  • Contact us for more information
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