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Healthjump CTO On The Importance Of A True Health Data Record

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Jim Rowland
May 3, 2018

Cliff Cavanaugh, Healthjump's Founder and Chief Technology Officer was recently interviewed by eHealth Radio.

 Host Eric Michaels and Cliff  discuss the following topics during the interview:

  • What is a true health data record and why is it necessary for providers and patients?
  • We know that medical errors are sometimes an unfortunate reality in healthcare and healthcare organizations do their best to make sure that medical errors do not occur. What are three ways healthcare organizations can help prevent medical errors from occurring?
  • Is this health data record the same as a patient portal?
  • How can patients help their doctors and ultimately themselves, to make sure their medical records are correct?
  • What should healthcare organizations be doing to ensure patients’ medical health records are correct?  What obstacles do they face?

 Learn more about reducing medical errors.

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