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How APIs Can Overcome Interoperability To Improve Patient Outcomes

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Jim Rowland
March 7, 2016
APIs enable the seamless exchange of data between multiple platforms and practices.
APIs enable the seamless exchange of data between multiple platforms and practices.

There are a growing number of technologies and applications on the market that can improve business and patient outcomes. Tools like appointment scheduling software and mobile apps that remind patients to regularly check their blood pressure levels can make patient visits more effective. These apps are a great opportunity for healthcare providers to streamline work processes and improve patient health, but sometimes the issue of interoperability stands in the way.

To take advantage of these different apps, providers often have to access and manage each platform one at a time, which presents a logistical nightmare. Because the number of health-related mobile apps has more than doubled in the past two years, according to U.S. News & World Report, and more practices are adopting electronic health records, there is growing demand for the seamless integration of data.

To solve these problems, savvy healthcare professionals are using application programming interfaces, or APIs, to streamline data-sharing and make the use of a variety of health apps easier. APIs are a collection of functions embedded in an operating system that enable software developers to easily access data from another company or developer. Different apps are then able to communicate with one another seamlessly, which means that health data can be passed back and forth without compatibility issues.

APIs improve patient outcomes by ensuing the efficient exchange of clinical data and lab results, which makes diagnoses faster and more accurate. And instead of sacrificing personal attention for the bottom line, APIs strengthen connections with patients by increasing the amount of self-reported data that is collected and syncing that data to provide healthcare professionals with a more comprehensive picture of patient health. APIs also enable the streamlined exchange of information between multiple practices, hospitals and medical offices, saving healthcare professionals headaches and costs.

Before signing on with an API developer, consider its level of familiarity with the healthcare industry. A partner like Healthjump will ensure the platform is technically sound and secure and will provide clear guidance on how to best leverage the new system so that practices can enjoy a better return on investment and deliver quality care.

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