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Looking Ahead: Insights from Paul Roma

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April 5, 2018

What is the best, safest way to manage health records in 2018? It’s no longer enough to simply push paper back and forth. The process is too unwieldy, and inefficiencies add to cost burdens and endanger patients. That’s why in 2017 Ciox laid the groundwork for major tech-forward shifts that will influence the entire industry.

We’ve long been a healthcare leader, but over the past few months, we’ve begun fundamentally altering paradigms through the early rollout of HealthSource. Some of you may already be familiar with HealthSource, our connected cloud platform that ensures seamless and secure data movement. Ciox has implemented the HealthSource platform with select customers in 2017, and we are expanding it dramatically over the upcoming year. HealthSource’s fresh design makes the platform easy to use, meeting the patient and requestor where they are and we have received outstanding customer feedback so far.

One of HealthSource’s major benefits is that it opens the door to deeper insights and analytics, which are revolutionizing our company. HealthSource features include advanced analytics that utilize artificial intelligence, as well as an initiative that centers on natural language processing. Connectivity is making data management easier, faster and better. We’re already on the cutting edge, and we’ll continue rollouts of our digital initiatives next year.

But while technology is exciting, we never lose sight of the larger context of our industry and the nature of the information we transport. Every record represents a real person, and Ciox recognizes this better than anyone. Because we work with incredibly sensitive data, we know how critical it is to build trust and remain a valued partner. Ciox has the resources to handle vast troves of data, while assuring proper removal of data that shouldn’t be shared with certain constituents.

In 2018, we’ll harness our broad expertise with the technological tools of the future. We are ahead of the pack in data treatment, and we’re invested in serving our customers and continuing to forge partnerships with major healthcare providers. Providers must focus on the logistics of care, and Ciox has the experience to be the partner you can rely on for expertise in health information management.

Over the next year, we will continue improving our processes through digitization and a full launch of the HealthSource platform. Ciox understands that clinical information is every bit as sensitive as financial information, and that’s why we’ll continue to be one of the most trusted names in healthcare.

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