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The Healthy Benefits of Denials: Is the Management of your Denials Rock Solid?

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April 17, 2018

Denials are exciting! They come to challenge us, to make us think, help us to grow, and in the end, perhaps even prevent them from reoccurring.

Your burning questions are why and how? Denials are opportunities, in fact, denials are great opportunities for growth and organizational success. But you’re probably thinking that denials are also unfortunate opportunities creating delays in reimbursements for services rendered and extra work for your team.

Starting today you will begin to embrace denials.

Wait. What is missing from this picture? Prevention through education.

Denials are the opportunity to learn, improve skills through research, clinical, technical and practical avenues, and then share what we have learned with others. Denials come with data that are more than just numbers and give us a path to explore the who, where, what and why. This all leads to prevention through education. Be mindful that many of us “do not know what we do not know” and those who do should share the knowledge.

The reward in the prevention through education is a win for your organization and for you, as you add tools to your tool chest while also improving the financial health of your organization (keeping that direct deposit coming).

In all that we do it all starts with education. Education, innovation, and sharing knowledge in a constantly changing world improves lives. Stop and think for a moment about where you are in life today. I guarantee you have gained knowledge and strength from the silver lining in every cloud.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my window into denials. Have I given you a new perspective?

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