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Welcome to the Heartbeat of Interoperability: The Rebrand of Healthjump

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Ryan Carlson
August 5, 2021
“When something works, you don’t celebrate, you just say ‘whats next’” (1)

Healthjump was created to make medical records available to all members of the care continuum, from physicians to patients and their families through a portal.

As the healthcare industry has evolved, we've had the opportunity to empower the interoperability efforts of healthcare systems, practices, and individual providers. 

Our partners and customers have helped shape us beyond a patient portal and into a facilitator of life-changing data between digital health companies, clinical research, patient engagement, population health, and other digital health services leveraged by ambulatory practices. 

Every time a partner has asked for a solution, we saw a unique chance to evolve and continue to build a product that was fulfilling our mission. 

hj jumping man_2

During this evolution, we noticed something was quickly becoming out of place: our “jumping person” icon. While we never gave them a name, they’ve been with us from the very beginning. We adore their excitement as they jump for improvement in healthcare data interoperability. However, they are only one person and our mission has expanded beyond just the single user, to the users of healthcare data globally. 

In the spring of 2021, we partnered with Jordan Fretz, a world-class designer to help us translate the heart of Healthjump into a new logo.

Here’s what he did:

hj blog image 3

We may be biased, but this evolution from the Jumping Person to what we affectionately call the Healthjump Heartbeat, is the perfect representation of who we serve today.

hj blog image 4

The puzzle: we turn complexity into simplicity
The heart: our passion and the desire for better outcomes through data. 
The timer: our implementation is literally the insertion of a line of code. 
The links: we help you connect to and deliver the data that matters. 

Not only did we update our brand, but we’re serving it through an entirely new website. Be sure to subscribe to the Healthjump Heartbeat to get our real-time releases on developments in the interoperability space.


P.S. If you want one of our nifty Yeti mugs, email us to get information on how you can participate in our "Leaders in Leveraging Health Data" interview series.

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