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Introducing record retrieval automation for healthcare organizations! Revolutionize your workflow with automated record request fulfillment, increased visibility, and more efficient processes.

Get ready to experience:

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    Streamlined workflows: Simplify operations with technology-driven processes, freeing up time for patient care.
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    Secure exchange: Ensure compliance and confidentiality with modernized, secure record-sharing capabilities.
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    Reduced costs: Optimize staffing needs year-round, minimizing reliance on seasonal hires.
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Did you know: providers with 10,000 requests can save over 60 days of labor by using record request automation.

Choose from two options, both supported by easy-to-implement EHR connections that can automatically fulfill a majority of Datavant Managed Requests. Enjoy peace of mind with Datavant's proven solutions, backed by over 40 years of secure patient data sharing. Regardless of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system or staffing model, rest assured you're in capable hands. Our offerings provide two clear paths to streamline your record retrieval needs:

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    Workflow tool: Ideal for providers seeking to manage in-house processes efficiently while seamlessly fulfilling eligible requests digitally.
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    Staffing solutions: Tailored for providers looking to delegate their audit-related workflows to Datavant with confidence.

Interested in providing your in-house Health Information Management staff with tools that provide efficiency and optional automation for record retrieval?

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