Kyle Armbrester Joins Datavant Board of Directors

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October 2, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 2, 2023 – Datavant, the leader in enabling healthcare organizations to securely and compliantly move health data, is delighted to announce that Kyle Armbrester, Chief Executive Officer at Signify Health, a subsidiary of CVS/Aetna, has been appointed to its Board of Directors.

Kyle has led the team at Signify Health through going public. He is a trusted strategist in the healthcare technology space, bringing a deep understanding of provider systems and payer needs. His experience in the stakeholder ecosystem gives him a unique perspective on how best to ensure the world’s most precious data is safe, accessible, and useful.

“We are thrilled to welcome Kyle Armbrester to Datavant’s Board of Directors,” said Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant. “We safely and compliantly move data from where it sits to where it needs to be, so that every decision in healthcare can be powered by data. Understanding stakeholders, their incentives, their systems, and their needs, is fundamental to the promise we make to our customers and patients. Kyle will help us deepen this commitment in a period as we parse through the complexity of this challenge.”

Kyle Armbrester added, “I am a believer and an advocate that healthcare should improve people’s lives. We all deserve a system that enables everyone in healthcare to securely access a complete view of a patient. I am honored to be joining Datavant’s Board of Directors. Datavant’s technology, network, and integrated services will revolutionize the way data can move and be safely shared — and in turn, create a healthcare system that puts patients at the center.”

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