eClinicalWorks Integration

What data can Healthjump extract?

Healthjump can access the data below from this EHR system.

eClinicalWorks and eCW are trademarks owned by third-party software vendor eClinicalWorks, LLC. No formal relationship, endorsement or sponsorship exists between Healthjump and eClinicalWorks, LLC.

How does Healthjump access data?

Most servers are installed on-site. Healthjump is installed on the practice network in just a few minutes.

For cloud-based servers, the data is accessed through a client-specific URL and web-based login.

What if I don't host my server?

There are two ways in which we access and collect the data.

  • Healthjump's Cloud Integration: You can connect just like you would a third-party hosting service.

  • PHA Output File: If you have a Population Health Adapter (PHA), Healthjump use that to access the data. The PHA integration supports both the full Healthjump data model. Real-time data integration when using PHA.

*Please note, unstructured notes can be included for an additional fee.