Veradigm PM

What data can Healthjump extract from a Veradigm PM (formerly Allscripts PM) system?

Depending on whether the system is On-Premise or Cloud, Healthjump can access the data below from a Veradigm PM (formerly Allscripts PM) system.

How does Healthjump access data from Veradigm PM?

Veradigm PM (formerly Allscripts PM) servers are installed onsite or through a third-party hosting company. Healthjump's Agent can be installed on the practice's network in just a few minutes and is all that is required to access data stored within this application.

Will this integration count as a premium connection?

Local Onsite Veradigm Servers: No, this is considered a standard connection
Cloud-based or Hosted Veradigm Servers:
Yes, these connections qualify as a Premium Connection and have a slightly higher monthly fee.

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What classifies a cloud-based system?

Cloud-based systems often times offer API access to your data. Healthjump can connect to these APIs to complete the required connection. Most cloud-based integrations are a Premium Connection. This is to offset the API access fees and additional maintenance involved with cloud-based system integrations.