Building a Global RWD Strategy

October 1, 2022
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Meet the speakers

Sunil Dravida
Global Head of Real-World Data Center of Excellence
Sheenu (Jalla) Kachru
CEO, Optum Life Sciences
Gadi Lachman
President & CEO
Asheesh Shukla
Managing Principal
Tara Grabowsky
Partner and Chief Data Officer, Life Sciences Practice

About the webinar

Increasing Real World Data (RWD) availability will advance the quality of  data driven healthcare, and improve patient outcomes globally. This panel, hosted at Datavant’s 2022 Future of Health Data Summit, discusses how organizations can build a global RWD strategy and navigate the globalization of RWD.

Speakers included:

  • Sunil Dravida, Global Head of Real-World Data Center of Excellence, Takeda
  • Sheenu (Jalla) Kachru, CEO, Optum Life Sciences, Optum
  • Gadi Lachman, President & CEO, TriNetX
  • Asheesh Shukla, Managing Principal, ZS

This panel was moderated by Tara Grabowsky, Chief Data Officer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Products, McKinsey.

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