How AI is Advancing Cancer Patient Outcomes

May 21, 2024
10:00 am
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Meet the speakers

Lindsey Gasparini
Vice President, Informatics
Jeff Elton
Alan Ma
Customer Success

About the webinar

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change our world. But how does this come to life in healthcare today? Join us as we discuss the transformative collaboration between NeoGenomics and ConcertAI, a union that leverages generative AI technology and real-world evidence to pioneer advancements in cancer patient care. We’ll discuss how these companies are setting new standards in integrating clinical data and biomarker insights to inform therapeutic strategies, clinical trial designs, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.


  • Insights into how AI is redefining early cancer detection and personalized treatment plans through advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms
  • Understanding AI's role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials, leading to faster drug development and approval processes.
  • Exploring the future of healthcare with AI's integration, including predictive analytics for disease progression and AI-driven decision support systems for clinicians.

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