How to Operationalize Real-World Data Linking to Benefit Clinical Research

June 24, 2021
1:00 pm
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Meet the speakers

Vera Mucaj
Chief Scientific Officer
Michelle Hoiseth
Chief Data Officer
Janssen R&D
Sid Jain
Head, Data Science Strategy & Portfolio, Global Development

About the webinar

The past year has illustrated the critical role of real-world data and evidence in clinical trials research and healthcare innovation. In this discussion, join experts from Parexel, Datavant, Janssen to learn more about how to effectively implement real-world data linking for clinical research, registries, post-marketing requirements, and more. By linking clinical trial data to real-world data, clinical research sponsors can have never before available insight into their clinical trial subjects’ disease progression. The linked data can help sponsors answer questions from regulators and position sponsors for post-marketing reporting. This discussion will also cover how to safely and securely link data with HIPAA and GDPR consideration as well as examples of real-world application in data linking. We’ll cover specific studies that have leveraged linking technology to source patient-level data in a compliant, secure, and patient-centric way.

In this session, our panelists will share:

  • Opportunities and challenges in data linking today
  • How to safely and securely operationalize data linking for clinical trials
  • Real-world examples and applicable use cases of data linking in clinical trials

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