Linking Genomic and Phenotypic Data to Better Understand the Patient Journey

March 17, 2023
10:00 am
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Meet the speakers

Edward Stepanski
Ph.D., General Manager of Data
Alejandro Zamorano
Head of Life Sciences, Partnerships & Business Development

About the webinar

As a life sciences researcher, we know that you face significant challenges when it comes to advancing precision drug discovery. The limited availability of multimodal data such as whole genome, whole exome with linked deep clinical data can pose a major obstacle in developing new therapies for diseases with unmet needs.

In this on-demand webinar, Ed Stepanski, Ph.D, GM of Data at Ovation, and Alejandro Zamorano, Head of Life Sciences, Partnerships & Business Development at Datavant, discussed:

  • The challenges posed by fragmented and siloed datasets
  • How to provide researchers with linked genomic and phenotypic data
  • How linked data can advance precision drug discovery

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