Optimize Your Decentralized Clinical Trials with Real-World Data

November 10, 2021
1:00 pm
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Meet the speakers

Joss Warren
Executive Director, Strategy & Partnerships
Jason LaBonte
Chief Strategy Officer
Protocol First
Hugh Levaux
Brigham Hyde

About the webinar

Decentralized clinical trials and real-world data (RWD) are two of the most commonly cited approaches for driving greater efficiency and patient-centricity in clinical research, but can they be brought together to drive even greater impact?

This panel discussion, hosted by THREAD, explored specific strategies for applying RWD to decentralized clinical trials to make research easier to participate in and to produce more comprehensive evidence on the clinical trial population.

Use cases for discussion included:

  • Strategies for using RWD to enhance decentralized clinical trial recruitment
  • Opportunities for maximizing the impact of source data by combining site-generated source data and participant/caregiver source data to minimize monitoring burden
  • Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of a trial participant’s course of care – before, during, and after the primary trial observation period
  • Combining integrated EHR networks with decentralized clinical trial technology for registries

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