Privacy-Preserving Patient Finding & Its Applications in Life Sciences

September 22, 2021
1:00 pm
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Meet the speakers

Mark Ungerer
Head of Product Management
Jason Wreath
Chief Strategy Officer

About the webinar

In this session, speakers discussed privacy-preserving techniques that enable disparate health datasets to create a holistic view of patients for an array of practical use cases.

Jason Wreath (Chief Strategy Officer, Kythera) and Mark Ungerer (Head of Product Management, Datavant) shared how these techniques can enable your organization to build accurate profiles on hundreds of millions of patients, create cohorts from these profiles and follow these patients over time and across data sources.

You will learn about the challenges of accurate record linkage and the benefits that have made tokenization a rapidly growing technique, and hear real use cases ranging from patient and provider outreach to reimbursement.

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