Mortality Data In Healthcare Analytics

Veritas Data Research’s Fact of Death contains over 35 million death records from 2010 to present and is the most complete, timely, accurate, transparent, and representative index of U.S. mortality data.

  • Completeness – Veritas indexes death data from over 40,000 online and offline sources
  • Timeliness – Veritas indexes 90% of all deaths in Fact of Death within 30 days of an individual’s death
  • Quality Monitoring and Internal Validation – The Fact of Death leverages highly credible industry-standard reference data to cleanse and improve the dataset’s quality
  • External Validation – Fact of Death has been successfully reviewed by multiple customers and healthcare researchers for its veracity
  • Transparency – Veritas is able to provide traceability to original sources for every record for additional research and validation

Datavant has entered into partnership with Veritas Data Research to offer Veritas’ Fact of Death mortality index as the preferred (non-exclusive) source of death data in Datavant’s Ecosystem.

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