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How AdvancedMD Improves 13,000 Practices with Tech Partnerships

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Morgan Watson
July 27, 2022

AdvancedMD is an EHR and practice management system that partners with healthcare tech companies to improve the patient experience. They have been in the industry for over 25 years, and their goal is to help make sure that all of their practices have access to world-class technology. 

The innovative technology provided by AdvancedMD and its partners has been designed to make life easier for all healthcare professionals. 

AdvancedMD manages patient data, appointment scheduling, billing, inventory, medical records storage, prescriptions, and more.

Meet the Director of Business Development at AdvancedMD

Nathan Guest manages AdvancedMD's partnerships, including API integrations and other interface integrations. Typically, a mutual client needs something, so they develop an interface and implement it.

Additionally, he manages what he refers to as "marketplace partners," such as Healthjump.

Working with marketplace partners is a little more strategic and collaborative than the other side of the business.

The company engages in marketing and also participates in revenue sharing. For example, their sales representatives will send leads. Some of these partners may not have an interface since certain services do not require integration.

Building Strong Partnerships to Fill the Gaps

Improving a healthcare practice starts by forming a solid relationship with the medical office software provider. The less time they spend manually entering data or managing an unpleasant relationship, the more time they will have to see patients and provide them with higher quality care.

Nathan explains what an ideal partner looks like to AdvancedMD: 

“A good partner is just one that, you know, doesn't create more of a headache for our mutual clients. Just one that strengthens our relationship with the customer while you are strengthening the relationship with the customer. The idea is to make their workflows and their needs, and their pain points go away.”

The benefit of partnering with AdvancedMD is that they strive to be an ideal partner for you too!

They try their best to be a one-stop shop for everyone, but they recognize that they cannot satisfy everyone at all times. Ultimately, their goal is to fill the gaps and alleviate pain points as much as possible.

AdvancedMD aims to leverage healthcare tech partners who are better at things outside of their area of expertise, rather than trying to compete with them.

Nathan uses the example of their partnership with Social Climb. Social Climb is in the space of patient acquisition, which is not something AdvancedMD does, nor plans to do, so their partnership fills a gap perfectly. 

Working Together to Improve Healthcare

AdvancedMD understands that all of its clients have specific needs. Any new technologies are considered based on priority and looked at from a "build versus buy" perspective.

Bringing it back to their partnership with Social Climb, Nathan explains that although both AdvancedMD and Social Climb have reputation management tools, they often do things differently, which is why they work together to meet the needs of their clients.

To keep everyone moving forward in the industry, they prefer collaborating with innovative healthcare tech companies rather than stepping on their toes.

Nathan said it best when he said:

“Obviously we would like to have any internal business we can have, but the end goal is to make our customers happy.”

Utilizing Available Resources to Scale the Business

AdvancedMD views partnerships in two ways: 

  1. How will the partnership help them alleviate client pain points?
  2. Will the partnership allow them to try new technologies to leverage internally moving forward?

The AdvancedMD product team will often suggest integrating with a company to gain experience, and if it receives enough traction, they will consider integrating it internally.

However, their software is complex, and the user experience is thoughtfully designed, so it's not always easy. It would be a huge undertaking to add a module that talks to everything overnight because there are so many workflows.

Nathan explains that in a perfect world, a client could come on, and any need they ever dreamt of would be met by AdvancedMD alone, but you have to consider the amount of development and work required to achieve that. 

Ultimately, innovation is key to them because they want to be the company that all physicians go to in order to fill their needs, but it’s not worth stepping outside of something that aligns with their vision. 

In most cases, it makes much more sense for them to utilize what they have available through their current partnerships and build new relationships to achieve their goals and grow the business.

Healthcare Never Stops Advancing 

COVID-19 provided a lot of opportunities in the healthcare space. Countless organizations jumped into the game because it was easy for them to get PCR devices and stand up a lab somewhere relatively fast, plus it didn’t take much to understand how to run them either.

AdvancedMD was undoubtedly impacted by that explosion in the healthcare space. Nathan expressed that even now, as things are starting to calm down, they are still seeing a lot of movement years after the pandemic began. 

AdvancedMD now has an entire dedicated lab team.

The Future Looks Bright for AdvancedMD 

AdvancedMD’s parent company recently became more aggressive when it comes to putting money into expanding, which is not only beneficial for them but also for healthcare tech companies that are looking to establish partnerships and the practices that are involved as well.

According to Nathan, over the next couple of months, the industry will notice a lot of growth and expansion of their product itself, along with some other great things, so keep an eye out for what’s to come!

Healthjump is a data platform for healthcare technology companies looking to simplify the data collection process. We are always excited to work with innovative healthcare companies and value our current partnerships with companies like AdvancedMD.

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