Ciox Digital Direct expands clinical data accessibility for Payers

Publish Date
October 19, 2021

Locates electronically available health records to expedite retrieval, increase data integrity, and reduce provider abrasion

ALPHARETTA, GA, October 19, 2021 – Ciox Health™, a leading health technology company, today announced the release of Ciox Digital Direct™. Ciox Digital Direct identifies electronically available member encounters for health plans, improving access and outcomes, saving time and resources, and expediting fulfillment without provider abrasion. As part of Ciox‘s mission to accelerate U.S. health data transformation, this newest offering employs automated matching technology to close gaps in patient record obtainability. Ciox Digital Direct offers both Provider and Member based approaches, each enabling health plans to capture a more complete understanding of new and existing participants’ health status and/or pre-identify where charts are electronically available.

  • Ciox Digital Direct Provider matches health plan membership to sites capable of fulfilling chart requests digitally, reducing turnaround time and abrasion when obtaining relevant clinical data.
  • Ciox Digital Direct Member queries the Ciox digital network to identify all appropriate patient encounters available electronically, improving the suspecting process and expediting coding.

Traditionally, medical record retrieval for risk adjustment and other purposes has been labor intensive, manual, and limited due to the number of providers a health plan could access and the quantity of members to evaluate. Ciox Digital Direct pre-assesses a health plan’s entire membership or provider base at the start or completion of risk adjustment campaigns, identifying which providers to target and members with qualifying conditions linked to multiple encounters. The result is a process that minimizes waste and improves the likelihood of capturing documentation.

Ciox Digital Direct operates autonomously or in conjunction with the recently announced Ciox Chase Intelligence, as both utilize the nation’s most extensive network of clinical data access and provider experience. The Provider and Member-based data may be deployed separately or together, depending on a health plan’s need. Both improve the functionality, speed and quality of data received when charts are delivered.

“Interconnecting identifiable health data across multiple provider systems of record and electronically retrieving consistent and reliable results is a monumental task that Ciox Health successfully undertook more than four years ago,” said Amir Keren, Chief Technology Officer at Ciox Health. “This initiative’s impact is changing how patient data gets captured and securely transmitted between providers and payers.”

“The digital transformation in health care is giving birth to innovation and change management,” said Andy Kumar, VP of Product Management at Ciox Health. “Ciox is carrying the torch, delivering solutions like Digital Direct and Ciox Chase Intelligence to take advantage of expanded information accessibility and improve the delivery of data required for health plans to properly represent their members.”

Ciox will host a webinar in conjunction with RISE® to review the advantages of a digital approach on October 20th at 1:30 ET. The webinar, titled “Modern Retrieval – Navigating Change by Starting with Digital & Ending with Better Results,” is available at no cost to RISE members. To register, visit The Rise Association’s website.

About Ciox:

Ciox Health’s leading clinical data technology empowers greater health by unlocking the potential of data in medical records. The company leverages a ubiquitous network of clinical data connections to simply and securely connect healthcare decision makers with the data and hidden insights in patient medical records. Ciox helps customers connect, control and comply in solving last mile challenges in clinical interoperability. Supporting a range of connectivity needs from research to revenue cycle, Ciox’s solutions include clinical data acquisition, release of information, and clinical coding. Ciox is a part of Datavant Group. Learn more about Ciox technology and solutions by visiting or Twitter and LinkedIn.

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