Ciox Expands Capabilities to Accelerate Clinical Data Insights

Publish Date
October 2, 2018

Payer, Provider, Pharma, Legal, and Government Sectors to Benefit from Fully Extracted Clinical Data, Unlocking the Value of Healthcare Data to Improve Accessibility and Outcomes

ALPHARETTA, GA – October 2, 2018Ciox, a leading health technology company, announces the expansion of its clinical data solution set with the launch of Smart Chart, an offering available to healthcare payers, legal and life insurance firms, life sciences companies, government entities and other organizations in need of faster access to structured clinical data. Smart Chart is powered by HealthSource, Ciox’s platform that facilitates efficient and transparent exchange and aggregation of clinical data across multiple use cases.

The use of Smart Chart transforms every healthcare data transaction by accelerating access to structured data that can be leveraged to make informed decisions. By providing an unparalleled level of accuracy and speed and reducing financial impact for those in need of access to healthcare information, Smart Chart eliminates inefficiencies for all authorized medical data sharing operations across any industry.

“Smart Chart, as part of the HealthSource platform, is a significant step forward to finally solve the challenge of accessing data that resides in multiple sources without a consistent structure,” explains Mike Connolly, President of Clinical Data Acquisition and Insights at Ciox. “The lack of data liquidity has an enormous impact across the healthcare industry, both financially due to inefficiencies and in improving patient outcomes when patient information can’t be found, or access is delayed. Inadequate data access also impacts other industries, including lack of complete information for insurance claims, legal proceedings, pharmaceutical clinical trials, and government programs.”

Smart Chart uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a highly-trained Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to extract clinical data elements from disparate unstructured sources to facilitate the creation of a structured and longitudinal data foundation that can be leveraged for a wide range of insights and analytics.

As part of Ciox’s coding services for healthcare payers, Smart Chart facilitates a more accurate and efficient HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) coding process, reducing coding time and producing superior outcomes compared to a 100 percent human review. Payers can leverage the technology for primary and secondary coding, as well as for coding reviews that are intended to obtain the highest level of risk adjustment accuracy. RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) Accuracy Reviews, done at the member level, compare multiple data sources, including multiple charts per member, claims data, and RAPS data. This results in the identification of pending HCCs and a significant reduction in the traditional two to four percent error rate.

Ciox’s HealthSource solutions are enhanced by the company’s privileged level of data connectivity with its multi-modal approach to data acquisition. Ciox boasts the largest remote electronic medical record (EMR) access and superior provider knowledge, enabling its NLP engines to process millions of records each year and to fine-tune algorithms that produce highly reliable results. In addition, Ciox’s NLP agent is configurable, with tailored outputs for every use case, providing accurate results across multiple industries.

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