Ciox Health Teams Up with NextGen Healthcare to Streamline Record Retrievals

Publish Date
March 13, 2018

New Partnership Will Reduce Faxes and Phone Calls Needed

Ciox, a technology-driven healthcare company, is partnering with Quality Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSII), known to its clients as NextGen Healthcare, to boost the efficiency of medical record release. The partnership, initially focused on providing a deeper integration for health plan requests, will help lay the foundation for further use of advanced technologies in the way health information is exchanged.

A new joint service, Ciox Clinical Extract Service with NextGen Share, allows Ciox and NextGen Healthcare to automate electronic transmission of medical information on behalf of Ciox’s health plan customers. The service will significantly reduce the number of faxes and phone calls required for information retrieval, while improving the speed of delivery.

“As two organizations squarely committed to powering effective healthcare delivery, Ciox and NextGen Healthcare are well positioned to bring increased innovation and efficiency,” says Jonathan Arkin, Ciox’s vice president of business development. “Ciox Clinical Extract Service with NextGen Share represents an important step forward in how information is transmitted by drastically decreasing the role of manual work, with the goal of significantly reducing instances of human error.”

NextGen Healthcare’s technology, services, processes and people all work together to optimize the commitment to achieving the Quadruple Aim and transformation to value-based care. Its solutions, optimized by physicians, developed with input from our 90,000 providers, and based on almost 25 years of ambulatory expertise, help ease the burdens of HIT and enable practices to improve individual outcomes and nurture a healthier population. Ciox works with clients to manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes.

“This partnership enforces the impact our two organizations are poised to make in the current healthcare landscape,” says John Beck, chief solutions officer for NextGen Healthcare. “We look forward to bringing solutions that continually enhance and improve healthcare delivery and the overall patient/provider experience.

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