PRA, Symphony Health Announce Partnership with Datavant

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March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020 – PRA Health Sciences, the owner and operator of Symphony Health, today announced a partnership between Symphony Health and Datavant that allows life sciences companies to build fit-for-purpose data assets and strategies to support the development and delivery of new drugs.

Datavant connects the country’s largest ecosystem of linkable real-world data, while protecting patient privacy and maintaining each partner’s control over their data.

Through this partnership, Symphony’s customers will be able to link de-identified Symphony data at the patient level to electronic health records, medical and pharmacy claims, diagnostic lab data sets, and demographic and behavioral data. The ability to link de-identified data across data sets offers Symphony‘s customers unprecedented flexibility to craft custom data strategies, tailored to relevant therapeutic areas and patient needs.

“Useful data lives in many places, and this partnership will help our customers bring together an even greater amount of data sets for the benefit of their business and the patients whom they serve,” said Doug Fulling, President, Symphony Health. “We are committed to creating a comprehensive view of the patient journey using the largest amount of available de-identified data – all to improve the development and delivery of life-changing therapies.”

“Symphony’s data, analytics and technology solutions lay at the heart of commercial analytics,” said Travis May, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Datavant. “For many years, PRA and Symphony have successfully helped their clients navigate a changing healthcare system. And now, by unlocking the power of the open data ecosystem, Symphony’s customers will have access to dramatically more data, and will be able to create tailored data strategies to solve the next generation of healthcare problems.”

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