Prognos Partners with Datavant, Using Health Data Ecosystem to Enhance AI Analytics for Customers

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June 27, 2019

NEW YORK, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Prognos, the leader in AI-powered analytics for early tracking and prediction of disease, today announced that it will partner with Datavant, the leader in helping healthcare organizations safely connect their data. Prognos will be able to harness Datavant’s comprehensive ecosystem in delivering analytics solutions, expanding the data that customers can readily access to better inform clinical decisions, identify risk, enhance care quality, and improve patient outcomes. Both companies are privacy-first organizations and Datavant’s technology is specifically designed to allow data sharing while protecting patient privacy.

The ability to incorporate important and timely clinical lab insights for analytics has eluded healthcare organizations because each lab has unique data complexity, and there is little consistency across lab datasets. In order to better determine and predict trends in disease progression, healthcare companies need clinical insights to complement traditional medical claims and Rx data sets. Prognos is the only company that has created a standardized view of laboratory results across multiple national and regional labs in a registry composed of nearly 24 billion records, covering 200 million patients across more than 50 disease conditions.

In connection with the partnership, Datavant will be acquiring Prognos’ OPAL® product, which is the leading de-identification solution for diagnostic data. OPAL users will be seamlessly migrated into Datavant’s ecosystem, making it easy to connect data with hundreds of other Datavant partners.

“As the amount of healthcare data exponentially increases, so does our potential for predicting disease and its trajectory, which enables us to get the right treatment and care to the right patient, at the right time,” said Prognos CEO and Co-Founder, Sundeep Bhan. “Partnering with Datavant will be a force multiplier to Prognos’ analytical capabilities by leveraging Datavant’s ecosystem to expand our existing data partnerships across data types. Giving our customers a more comprehensive view of the patient will result in better and more forward-looking insights to improve decision-making.”

“Prognos is a pioneer in using advanced analytics with clinical diagnostic data to drive improved patient outcomes,” said Datavant CEO, Travis May. “We’re thrilled to be strategically partnering with them to further expand our data ecosystem, and to give them access to that same ecosystem to enhance their analytics.”

Today’s healthcare companies require ready access and linking to the latest lab-based AI solutions, clinical expertise, and advanced algorithms to drive best actions earlier in the patient journey. The partnership strengthens Prognos’ analytics offering, expands possibilities for early tracking and prediction of disease, and gives Prognos’ existing data source partners and customers the option to connect their data to Datavant’s open data ecosystem.

About Prognos

Prognos is a healthcare AI company focused on predicting disease to drive decisions earlier in healthcare in collaboration with payers, life sciences and diagnostics companies. The Prognos Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information in 50 disease areas, with nearly 24 billion medical records for 200 million patients. Prognos has 1,000 extensive proprietary and learning clinical algorithms to enable earlier patient identification for enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management and quality improvement. The company is supported by a $42M investment from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Cigna, GIS Strategic Ventures, Hikma Ventures, Hermed Capital, and Maywic Select Investments. Learn more about Prognos at

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